BO Le Choc des Titans

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Compositeur : Ramin Djawadi


01. The Storm That Brought Me To You

02. There Is A God I n You

03. Perseus

04. You Can't Hide From Hades

05. Medusa

06. Scorpiox

07. Argos

08. You Fall, You Die

09. Written In The Stars

10. Pegasus

11. Bring Everything (But The Owl)

12. Killed By A God

13. Djinn

14. Eyes Down

15. You Were Saved For A Reason

16. Redemption Through Blood

17. I Have Everything I Need

18. King Acrisius

19. It's Expensive Where You're Going

20. Be My Weapon

21. The Best Of Both

22. Release The Kraken

23. It's Almost Human Of You

Warner Bros. France

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