BO de Danse avec les Loups

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Compositeur : John Barry


01. Main Title (expanded) / Looks Like A Suicide (expanded)

02. Ride To Fort Hays

03. Journey To Fort Sedgewick / Shooting Star / The John Dunbar Theme / Arrival At Fort Sedgewick (expanded)

04. The John Dunbar Theme

05. The Death Of Timmons

06. Two Socks / The Wolf Theme

07. Stands With A Fist Remembers

08. The Buffalo Robe

09. Journey To The Buffalo Killing Ground

10. Spotting The Herd

11. The Buffalo Hunt (film version)

12. Fire Dance

13. Two Socks At Play

14. Falling In Love

15. The Love Theme

16. The John Dunbar Theme

17. Pawnees / Pawnee Attack / Stone Calf Dies / Toughest Dies

18. Victory

19. The Death Of Cisco

20. Rescue Of Dances With Wolves

21. The Loss Of The Journal/  The Return To Winter Camp

22. Farewell / End Title

23. The Buffalo Hunt

24. The John Dunbar Theme (film version)

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