BO d' Un Homme d'Exception

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Compositeur : James Horner


01. A Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics

02. Playing A Game Of "Go !"

03. Looking For The Next Great Idea

04. Creating "Governing Dynamics"

05. Cracking The Russian Codes

06. Nash Descends Into Parcher's World

07. First Drop-Off, First Kiss

08. The Car Chase

09. Alicia Discovers Nash's Dark World

10. Real Or Imagined ?

11. Of One Heart, Of One Mind

12. Saying Goodbye To Those You So Love

13. Teaching Mathematics Again

14. The Prize Of One's Life ... The Prize Of One's Mind

15. All Love Can Be

16. Closing Credits


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Streaming 05/08/2011 14:14

Merci beaucoup je les cherchais :D

ligue des champions 26/02/2011 02:34

merci j'adore cette bo