BO de 28 Jours Plus Tard

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Compositeur : John Murphy


01. The Beginning

02. Rage

03. The Church

04. Jim's Parents (abide With Me)

05. Then There Were 2

06. Tower Block

07. Taxi (ave Maria)

08. The Tunnel

09. Am180 By Grandaddy

10. And Ending (ascent) By Brian Eno

11. No More Films

12. Jim's Dream

13. In Paridisum

14. Frank's Death - Soldiers (requiem In D Minor)

15. 'I Promised Them Women'

16. The Search For Jim

17. Red Dresses

18. In The House - In A Heartbeat

19. The End

20. Season Song par Blue States

21. End Credits


Various Artists :

"East Hastings" par Godspeed You Black Emperor

"Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera Sera)" par Jay Livingston and Ray Evans

"In Paradisium For Requiem" par Dr Richard Marlow and The Choir of The Trinity College with the London Musici

"Frosty The Snowman" écrit par Jack Rollins and Steve Nelson

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