BO de Numéro Quatre

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Compositeur Trevor Rabin


01. Welcome To The Jungle

02. #3 Ashed

03. Who We Are

04. Water Vision

05. Getting To Know Sarah

06. OK, We'll Stay

07. Finding Henry

08. VI To The Rescue

09. IV And Sarah Escape

10. Pack Your Things

11. Mog Shop And Feed

12. Henry Dies

13. Hit Me With Your Lumen

14. Forest Fight

15. Going To A Party

16. Darkroom Lumenary

17. Rising From The Ashes

18. Warehouse Search

19. Commander Mog Explodes

20. Quarterback Intuition

21. We Know Where To Go


Various Artists :

*Jet ski – Radioactive – Kings of Leon

*Campfire on beach - Tighten Up – The Black Keys

*Girl blows up the house - Rolling in the Deep – Adele

*Ringtone – Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell

*In Class - Shelter – The xx

*Soldier On – The Temper Trap

*At the county fair - Invented – Jimmy Eat World

*At the party – Curfew – Beck

*Guy cleaning floors at the school - As She’s Walking Away – The Zac Brown Band featuring Alan Jackson

*Driving Away/End Credits – Letters from the Sky – Civil Twilight



01. "Radioactive" par Kings Of Leon

02. "Tighten Up" par The Black Keys

03. "Rolling In The Deep" par Adele

04. "Somebody's Watching Me" par Rockwell

05. "Shelter" par The XX


06. "Soldier On" par The Temper Trap


07. "Invented" par Jimmy Eat World

08. "Curfew" par Beck

09. "As She's Walking Away" par Zac Brown Band

10. "Letters From The Sky" par Civil Twilight

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